Help with travel cost

Reduced bus and train fares/Job Centre Plus travel card.

If you’re on jobseekers allowance or are job hunting and claiming Universal Credit, you may be entitled to a 50% discount on train and bus travel to help you get back into work. Speak to a member of the job centre to see if you are eligible.

Age-related concessionary travel pass.

You are entitled to an age-related concessionary travel pass from Norfolk County Council if you are a Norfolk resident and over 66 years old. Age-related travel pass – Norfolk County Council

Disabled travel pass

Disabled bus passes are available to people who have a qualifying permanent disability. They are also available for people with a qualifying disability lasting at least 12 months.Disabled travel pass – Norfolk County Council

Free School Transport

If you are on benefits and need help with transport, you may be eligible to a free bus pass. Speak with Norfolk County Council.

Norfolk Assistance Scheme

They can offer financial assistance with living costs if you are eligible. They might be able to:

Pay for petrol or your transport costs to enable you to get to work
Give you a food voucher to spend at a supermarket
Give you a voucher to buy school clothes from a uniform supplier
Make a gas or electricity meter pre-payment via Paypoint if you have run out
Help with moving and storage costs if you have to set up a new home
Provide an immediate small cash payment for daily expenses in an emergency

How to apply – Norfolk County Council