Community Projects

Community Voices, is a programme coordinated by NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group, and it is delivered by a network of Community Champions/Connectors placed in key District Councils and Voluntary and Community organisations. Access Migrant Support is a provider of Community Voices for the East European Community across West Norfolk. Our Community Champions are trained in having conversations with members of the community about their experiences of healthcare, the Covid vaccine and what matters to them. The aim is for this information to help influence how health service providers deliver their services, what services are provided and improve their communications with the public.

This is a pilot project, and Access has been chosen, as a trusted Community Voices communicator, to speak with communities who may not already engaged with the NHS to hear what is important to them. This information will be fed back and analysed by the University of East Anglia with the intention that this knowledge and insight is used to make positive changes to the way in which we engage with our communities and deliver services.

Our team of skilled project workers have already begun delivering Community Voices. They spend time with our users and ask them to describe their personal experiences of health care in the community. All the information we gather is anonymised and treated confidentially. Having worked across the migrant communities for twenty years, we have gained an insight into what our users need from local health providers. Our aim is to support these health providers in bringing forward new enhanced levels of service delivery, which better serve our communities.

Access was chosen because we are trusted by the communities we serve. Our project workers are migrants themselves and understand the difficulties and hardships newly arrived migrants face.